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Data System Upgrades for your HP / Agilent 5970, 5971, 5972 and 5988 and 5989 Mass Spectrometer Systems.  CSS has developed our own proprietary upgrade kit which will allow all older HP Mass Spectrometer systems (and standalone GC systems too !) to be recognized and operated by modern Agilent Chemstation Software and Microsoft Windows 7  (XP still available). 

CSS Analytical has all the spare parts you will need to keep your HP/Agilent GCMS, LCMS systems (GCs and LCs too !) running for five to ten more years.

CSS Analytical can upgrade your older HP 5971 and HP 5972 to hyperbolic ground metal quads, eliminate all the RF problems with your current old, cracked and scratched glass quads.

Early HP and Agilent 5973A GC/MS systems came with the HPIB interface protocol.  Now, newer '73s and '75s are equipped with the "LAN" protocol.  At one time, Agilent sold the Lan Upgrade Kit as a separate item, but now no longer offers this particular solution. If you want to "upgrade" to the newest software from Agilent, the ONLY product you can buy from Agilent is the "High Performance" upgrade kit, starting at around fourteen-thousand dollars.  Our Bare Bones Lan kit is less than half that price.

Convert your 6890 GC from HPIB to LAN,  now while this kit is still available.  With our Bare Bones Lan upgrade you can move your 6890 to the newest Agilent Chemstation software and also a newer personal computer and a more modern Microsoft Windows operating system.

You supply the new PC and the Chemstation or you can get an entire package quoted from CSS Analytical.

CSS Analytical handles a large volume of calls for support on HP and Agilent GC/MS systems. As support for these older systems is getting harder to find we continue to lead the field in support for these older HP GCs and Mass Spectrometers.

It is now possible to take full advantage of easy, repeatable nano spray using the the Agilent Chip product with Thermo LTQ, Velos, Orbitrap, Q Exactive or Vantage triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.  An Agilent HPLC-Chip Cube MS Interface (G4240A) is modified by CSS Analytical Co Inc. and with a custom built interface, it easily attaches to any Thermo Scientific mass spectrometer with an IonMax source housing. The Agilent Chip (various part numbers) is a credit card sized, disposable product, which offers an enrichment column, an analytical column, a column switching valve and an electrospray (ESI) emitter – all on one micro-fabricated chip. 

CSS Analytical can upgrade your older HP 5971 and HP 5972 with a 10kv High Energy Dynode (HED) just like the modern Agilent 5973 MSD and Agilent 5975 MSD.  More signal, more sensitivity, lower Electron Multiplier voltage.  Simple upgrade.  Priced right.  Make your HP Agilent 5972 (and HP 5972) MSD more modern and up-to-date and live many more years.

Windows 7 Chemstation Upgrades

Upgrades for Chemstation to Windows 7 are now available at CSS Analytical.   Available on all popular platforms ... 5973, 5972, 5971, etc...

Win 7 Upgrade Information

Mass Spectrometer Upgrade Products for HP Agilent

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CSS Analytical has many products to help your Agilent, HP & Hewlett-Packard GC and LC Mass Spec Instrument work newer, better, faster  and able to last for many years to come.  See an entire list of our mass spectrometer upgrade products here.

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Mass Spectrometer Spare Parts

HP Agilent MSD Spare Parts

Spare Parts, CSS Analytical has all the mass spectrometer spare parts you will need to keep your Hewlett-Packard (HP) or Agilent GCMS, LCMS systems (GCs and LCs too !) running for five to ten more years.
Call if you need anything that is not listed.  We probably have it or can get it from one of our affiliates.

Spare parts for HP 5971, HP 5972, HP 5973, etc...

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